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The way that you treat your employees and the policies which you have in place to manage your greatest asset (your staff), both have a direct impact on your customers and their feelings toward your brand. The principles that you apply to your employees will be mirrored by them when they interact with your customers. ” - Quote from Chapter 8 of my upcoming book: Customer Satisfaction. It's not just your promise, it's your business.


The way employees are treated and the organization policies in place have direct impact on how those employees will treat the business' customers. So, there should be a well thought out process in place to make sure that your employees, who are your first customers, are well treated. Wilmot Wright, an expert in the human resources and payroll field and servicing of small business owners, has compiled a series of services that can be provided for small business owners with realistic employee-related problems that businesses face and the appropriate way to solve them.

So, in terms of providing payroll and HR assistance for businesses, Wilmot opines that it is important to make enquires about what the business is not doing well. It could be ensuring that payment records are up-to-date, calculation of tax credit, and especially finding the right people because anyone can hire someone, but is that the right person for the job? It is therefore imperative to find the most appropriate fit for your business vacancies. Here are some major aspects where small businesses require assistance the most.


One of the most important steps for any business is hiring staff. This is a major consideration because it serves as the bedrock of selecting the right person for handling certain tasks in your organization. Although it is possible to train people in certain positions, it is however a lot better to employ the right person with the right mindset. After which comes your procedures and business policies. The first and most important step is investing your time to find the right person most suitable for your role descriptions.

Also, a lot of business owners falter when it comes to compliance. While they may have adequate knowledge of the technical aspects of owning a business, a lot of employers have trouble when it comes to their employees and complying with both local and federal laws.


Considering that a lot of people get into trouble for their inadequacies when it comes to paying their staff. Though it initially seems attractive to pay people off the books, but it can cause more harm than good when an employee files for unemployment.

Wilmot’s company, Asure Payroll & HR Solutions, has been around for 35 years and has a specialty in working with small and mid-sized businesses and has a team who help small business owners in the New York city Metro area and Long Island, to provide a total human capital management solutions. Every activity from the pre hire stage to retirement as well as staff management throughout the process.

Agreeably, having the right people who make sure that labor is handled efficiently and who make sure that employees are providing quality service is a necessity for every business. By ensuring that you as a business owner do the right thing for your employees, like workers' comp integrations and retirement plans will help you ensure you're putting the right things in place.


Customer Satisfaction is a requirement to get and maintain your customers. You must therefore ensure that your internal customers, your employees are also satisfied because their treatment to your external customers is determined by your treatment to them.

Paying your employees at the due time is definitely one of the least you should be doing as a business owner. Asure can help ensure prompt payment of salaries, taxes, quarterly filing and other financial obligations that will encourage your employees to perform at their duties and for the business to operate in compliance.

It is imperative for business owners to have a resource in charge of what the competition rates are, benefits, and other expenses that accompany staff satisfaction. Also, performance reviews are carried out to ensure that job descriptions match their job titles.

Overall, it may seem attractive to take shortcuts or figure out how to conduct certain HR responsibilities yourself, but at the end of the day, it is best to leave certain aspects to the experts. This will enable you focus on growing your business and you can also have direct sources for your HR questions and problems instead of googling solutions. So, with all the factors listed above and more, you can get the best from your employees, who will in turn get the best of your external customers.

Wilmot Wright specializes in Business Development;  Payroll & Tax and HR Consulting. Colleagues and clients know him as an energetic, persistent and a high-achieving B2B business development manager with exceptional communication, customer service, and organizational skills to enhance customer experience. You can reach him at the contact info below.

(347) 789-0070
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Small Business Guide to HR & Payroll Compliance - PDF : In this executive guide, get an overview of U.S. employment laws and compliance requirements in the areas of talent management, compensation and payroll, benefits, and occupational safety. Then learn seven common ways businesses run into compliance trouble and eight best practices to help you improve compliance in your organization.

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