Get the Ultimate Guide to Creating a Customer Satisfaction Plan that is 

  • Scalable

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Learn how to increase business revenue and sustainability with the framework I use to build my busness all in one book!


With this plan in place and employees trained, empowered and having clear expectation, you can expect to guarantee the satisfaction of your customers.

About the Book

In this book I outline a step-by-step process for your small business, to develop a plan to GUARANTEE customer satisfaction and grow revenue. I will walk you through the nine-part framework I have developed that examines each area of a small businesses operations that needs a plan developed to control the customer’s experiences.

My hope is that anyone can take the general principles outlined and apply it regardless of the business type, industry or culture. I may speak about a lot of restaurant stuff, but what I am really talking about is how a business in a retail environment can identify all the physical and digital aspects of their busines that impacts the customer experiences. For service-based businesses and those not in a retail environment I also explore the key elements of customer satisfaction that you need to “walkthrough” in the eyes of the customer.

Reading this book will lead to the development and execution of a customer satisfaction plan that drives not only an increase in a business's revenues and sustainability, but also impacts the people and communities they serve. By implementing the systems and practices discussed in the following chapters you will have developed a solid customer satisfaction plan. With this plan in place and employees trained, empowered and having clear expectations, you can expect to guarantee the satisfaction of your customers.

This book does not claim that being able to guarantee customer satisfaction is an easy feat. It doesn’t claim that the customer is always right or pretend that 100% of the time your customers will be in love with your brand. What it does claim is that if your step back and examine your business from the customers vantage point you can identify the issues they will experience in advance and either prevent them from occurring or create processes to acknowledge the issue and win back their favor.


Desrene Daley Freeman, M.D., MPH.

Success must start and end with customer satisfaction and Chris gets it!

Dawn Skeete, Owner - Fusion Caterers & JAM'IT BISTRO

Chris has solidified the need and made his case for the role great customer service plays in the success of any business.

Ali Mehdaoui

Chris's system allows you to identify the red flags before they become an issue

In this book you’ll discover:

  • How to increase your bottom-line results by appealing to the needs of  customers and designing every aspect of your business with customer impact in mind.
  • Culture impacts how you interact with customers, their satisfaction and the bottom line.
  • A guideline of critical components that must be integrated into your business to ensure customer satisfaction, repeat customers, and increased revenues.
  • Development and execution of a customer satisfaction plan drives not only an increase in a business’s revenues and sustainability, but also impacts the people and communities they serve.

About the Author

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Chris migrated to the United States in 1982 and attended Cornell University, where he began his studies for an engineering degree. Chris completed his degree in mechanical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology.

After graduating Chris joined General Electric’s(GE) Manufacturing Management Program, where he mastered the principles of quality engineering, and obtained his 6 Sigma Greenbelt Certification. Many of the principles, concepts, tools, and problem-solving techniques that he learned during that time have become the foundation upon which Chris has built his 20 plus career in manufacturing, quality engineer and quality management.

Chris continued his career in manufacturing/quality engineering at one of the largest manufacturers in the world of prestige beauty products, holding several positions managing various quality-assurance groups. He then went to work with the Supplier Quality Assurance team. It was here that Chris gained vast experience in working with factories across the US, Canada, and Europe to ensure compliance with Federal regulations for the manufacture of cosmetics and over-the-counter drugs.

Chris’ background in engineering, management, quality engineering and his entrepreneurial spirit led him to develop a consulting business where he provides clients with processes, products, and services that improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenues.

His personal mission “Building Better Communities Through Customer Satisfaction” was the impetus for developing his consulting business Customer Satisfaction Services.

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