Creative Ways to Support Small Businesses

Nov 21, 2020

Once again I got a opportunity to sit down with an entrepreneur that serves the Small Business community.

We know and understand the importance of small businesses to our communities, to our country and the world. They are a significant portion of the economy, providing jobs, paying taxes, and providing goods and services needed by our communities. They really are the backbone of this country. 

In my conversation with Janneh K. Wright, author, speaker and business leader, we focused on numerous topics critical to the survival of Small Businesses. 

He is the owner of Primus Business Management, an outsourced consulting organization, that has been around for about 18 years. They help business owners get back their time by providing accounting experts, HR management experts and perform administrative services.

In our conversation we delved into a recent discussion Janneh had on "Five Creative Ways to Support Small Businesses ". I asked to review two of these five ways so that people, especially right now, can understand how they can support small businesses in their community? You can provide support to Small Businesses even, without spending a dime. It's also good to spend some dimes as well!

According to Janneh, the first one is actually supporting whatever they're doing. We all know a business owner. We all see their posts pass are our feed online. How many of us actually, stop and press LIKE? It’s that simple! One of the things you have to understand is how Facebook and all these other social networking organizations work. I can post “How to turn water into gold”, but if you don't hit like, no one is going to see it. That's what business owners need. They need the traction, they need people to actually just hit like, make a comment, and say something on that post. It will expand their reach tremendously.

That's why you see (and I’m sorry to say his name), Donald Trump posts something nonsensical and 3000 people hit like, Facebook sees that, and pushes it out to 3 billion people. Everybody sees it, and it goes viral. What business owners need you to do is “just hit like”, “just simply hit like”. That's all their asking, hit like, make a comment, and you will definitely help your friend who is a business owner to expand their reach.

" The second thing you can do to support Small Businesses without spending a dime is to do a recommendation. Facebook, Google and many other social networking sites enable you to make a recommendation. The reason small business owners need this is because of how these organizations use this information. If Facebook sees that we are in the same industry and I have 10,000 likes and you have 500, you will never catch up to me. If you see the same exact business and one has five more recommendations. That will put them higher on the search engine, because Facebook is saying that more people want to see this business. So, just write a recommendation for your friend. You know their service, you know their product. You know who the person is, so go online and do a recommendation for them. It's that simple. It takes about less than five minutes to do it. And you'll help them to get more business. "

These were two of the “ 5 Creative Ways To Support Small Businesses Today ”’ and remember that they are FREE. You can follow Janneh on his Instagram page (@jannehkwright) , website: , or you can connect with Janneh and his team @ or you can call 212-228-0138.

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